Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors


(6 Reviews)
Hall of Mirrors by Fredric Brown







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Hall of Mirrors


(6 Reviews)
It is a tough decision to make--whether to give up your life so you can live it over again!

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Then the nerves of your body tell you that you are standing, whereas only a second ago you were sitting comfortably, almost reclining, in a canvas chair. In the patio of a friend's house in Beverly Hills. Talking to Barbara, your fiancée. Looking at Barbara--Barbara in a swim suit--her skin golden tan in the brilliant sunshine, beautiful.

You wore swimming trunks. Now you do not feel them on you; the slight pressure of the elastic waistband is no longer there against your waist. You touch your hands to your hips. You are naked. And standing.

Whatever has happened to you is more than a change to sudden darkness or to sudden blindness.

You raise your hands

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An oddball story written from 2nd person point of view. The word "you" quickly becomes annoying.

Very little substance to this story, and zero action. Basically, a mind game. Perhaps some folks like that sort of thing, but I found it quite disappointing.
Assuredly not great literature. No real character development, no actual dialogue whatsoever, nothing genuinely descriptive or insightful. Yet it is one of the few truly original short stories in this genre. A well done and interesting short story that is worth the few minutes required to read it.

I recommend with four stars.
A good little short story. Yes, you can travel in time--sort of. No, you don't get to keep everything you had when you left.

It has a nice twist and a good dilemma.
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