The Complete Book of Cheese

The Complete Book of Cheese


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The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown







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The Complete Book of Cheese


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A feast of cheese recipes, legends, anecdotes and history for everyone with good taste and a healthy appetite.

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la Hibben once wrote in The New Yorker:

I can't imagine any difference of opinion about Brie's being the queen of all cheeses, and if there is any such difference, I shall certainly ignore it. The very shape of Brie--so uncheese-like and so charmingly fragile--is exciting. Nine times out of ten a Brie will let you down--will be all caked into layers, which shows it is too young, or at the over-runny stage, which means it is too old--but when you come on the tenth Brie, coulant to just the right, delicate creaminess, and the color of fresh, sweet butter, no other cheese can compare with it.

The season of Brie, like that of oysters, is simple to remember: only months with an "R," beginning with September, which is the best, bar none.


From Bulgaria to Turkey the Italian "horse cheese," as Caciocavallo translates, is as universally popular as it is at home and in all the Little Italics throughout the rest of the world. Flattering imitations are made and n


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The very last word in cheese throughout history.

Some interesting 'Cheese Fun Facts!':

*The great Italian painter and genius Leonardo da Vinci was killed by cheese. While shopping in a cheese shop in Genoa, he accidentally pulled a large gorgonzolla wheel off a shelf and was crushed.

*Leader of the Sioux nation Crazy Horse was not only a fierce warrior and inspirational war chief, he was also a fine chef. He created the first native American cheese; Buffalo Brie.

*Baseball slugger Lou Gehrig often used rounds of Gouda in batting practice.

*During the 1950's, Velvetta was not only the most popular was the the 3rd most popular name for girl babies in the U.S.

*Rock icon Jimi Hendrix did not die of a drug overdose. He choked to death while experimenting with aerosol cheese.
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