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Dominion by J. L. Bryan







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In the year 2036, the United States of America is ruled by a totalitarian regime controlling all information: education, religion, the mass media, and the internet. Daniel Ruppert is a talking head for the most popular nightly news program in southern California. Restless and weary of reporting propaganda, Ruppert begins digging for the truth. His urge to know puts his career, life, and family at risk as he discovers the clandestine North Atlantic Psychological Command--PSYCOM--and how it manipulates the minds of the Western world. He's following the trail of PSYCOM's darkest secret--and he'll find it, if he can survive.

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more "serious" reporter, he wore his usual severe blue suit embellished by the New America flag at his lapel.

Amanda Greene ("with the weather," his brain filled in automatically) sat off to his right.

"Daniel!" Stone punched Ruppert's arm with his usual ludicrous enthusiasm. "What do you say? Catch those Snipes?"

Ruppert hadn't seen it--he'd been busy watching illegal data. He mentally kicked himself for not checking the score this morning.

"Yeah," Ruppert said. "Crazy, huh?"

"You said it. That triple in the top of the ninth? Who saw that coming, am I right?"

"Your department, Sully."

"I know. God forbid I do my own research. No offense there, Amanda."

Amanda looked up from the digital weather report scrolling across her desk long enough to give him a scowl. Her data came prepackaged from the Central Weather Authority.

"Video up," a tech's voice spoke from overhead. "Audio okay. Everybody ready?"

"Ready and willing," Stone said, with a wi

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Loved this book until near the end when I got the feeling it was a bit rushed and was an anti-climax. Clever storyline and had a nice sense of rising terror.
Very good read. Thanks a lot.
This was written in 2009. Now, 4 years later it is absolutely scary to see how much of the evil portrayed in this book is already in place and is operating and scheming against the people. Right now the US constitution is being violated or ignored by the NSA and the government. Right now, this very minute, freedom is at stake. Right now, after the gas attack in Syria and a pending US attack to gain control even world peace is at stake if Russia and China interfere.
The dark secret of psycom - the Columbus attack was a good idea of the author. It questions the validity of the official version of what happened on 9/11 as we know it today. The book also questions the sincerity and the role of the big media outlets pay in manipulating the public.

Thanks for this book
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Totally loved this book. The story is compelling and moves along nicely. The characters are diverse and believable. I can highly recommend this read!
Very good story! I was surprised to find this. It is about a future America with a powerful government. Reminds me of 1984, how things are controlled and people are given a different version of reality from what is really true. Land of the free but no one is really free.

A man finds himself shifted into a totally different life from the one he has known so long. He must keep running, or lose his life because he knows way too much. He meets several interesting characters, learns to keep his eyes open, and protects those who would help him to survive!

It's a very good story! There were a few things that happened so fast that I got just a tad confused on a few scenes but it is worth the read. It is well written, and exciting! Check it out!
Great read. Highly recommend this. Similar theme to Little Brother by Cory Doctorow but different perspective.
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