The Lighted Match

The Lighted Match


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The Lighted Match by Charles Neville Buck





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The Lighted Match


(1 Review)
A lovely princess travels incognito through the States and falls in love with an American man. There are ties that bind her to someone in her own home, and the great plot revolves round her efforts to work her way out.

Book Excerpt

lowly. "Only don't say that again, ever--'the queen can do no wrong.' Now, I must go."

She rose and turned toward the door, then suddenly carrying one hand to her eyes, she took a single unsteady step and swayed as though she would fall. Instantly his arms were around her and for a moment he could feel, in its wild fluttering, her heart against the red breast of his hunting-coat.

Her laugh was a little shaken as she drew away from him and stood, still a trifle unsteady. Her voice was surcharged with self-contempt.

"Sir Gray Eyes, I--I ask you to believe that I don't habitually fall about into people's arms. I'm developing nerves--there is a white feather in my moral and mental plumage."

He looked at her with grave eyes, from which he sternly banished all questioning--and remained silent.

They passed out into the hall and, at the foot of the stairs where their ways diverged, she paused to look back at him with an unclouded smile.

"You have not told me what to wear."

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Cara, royal princess of a tiny European nation, is engaged to Karyl, the heir of another such kingdom, as a matter of state. Traveling incognito in America, she falls in love with Benton, a rich American, who is equally smitten. Cara nevertheless resolves to do her duty by her fiance and his small kingdom, although his reign becomes insecure, challenged by international intrigue.

The whole story seems unlikely, from start to finish, but there's lots of earnest derring-do on the part of Benton, who selflessly saves the day several times, and the plot lumbers along reasonably well.