The Day Time Stopped Moving

The Day Time Stopped Moving


(5 Reviews)
The Day Time Stopped Moving by Bradner Buckner







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The Day Time Stopped Moving


(5 Reviews)
All Dave Miller wanted to do was commit suicide in peace. He tried, but the things that happened after he'd pulled the trigger were all wrong. Like everyone standing around like statues. No St. Peter, no pearly gate, no pitchforks or halos. He might just as well have saved the bullet!

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iercing eyes were suddenly boring into the younger man.

"You've been sick, haven't you?" he demanded.

"Well--no--not really sick." The druggist colored. "I'll have to admit to being drunk a few hours ago, though."

"Drunk--" Erickson stuck his tongue in his cheek, shook his head, scowled. "No, that would hardly do it. There must have been something else. The impulsor isn't that powerful. I can understand about the dog, poor fellow. He must have been run over, and I caught him just at the instant of passing from life to death."

"Oh!" Dave Miller lifted his head, knowing now what Erickson was driving at. "Well, I may as well be frank. I'm--I committed suicide. That's how drunk I was. There hasn't been a suicide in the Miller family in centuries. It took a skinful of liquor to set the precedent."

Erickson nodded wisely. "Perhaps we will find the precedent hasn't really been set! But no matter--" His lifted hand stopped Miller's eager, wondering exclamation. "The point i

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Dave's a lazy lush with a long-suffering wife. One day she leaves, him and he commits suicide, only to come to with everybody frozen. Except a dog and the scientist who caused the mess. Together they try to correct the problem and rejoin the timestream.
The ending seemed not to follow from the "science" of the story. Rather, it was knocked together to give a happy ending.
A pretty good story about a despondent man who gets trapped "between time". I've seen many similarly premised stories - Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Stephen King's Langoliers - done better, but this one is okay given its length.
A drunk committed suicide. Instead of death, he was in a place where time is frozen. He met a dog and a scientist. They worked together to get their lives back.

I liked it, and I recommend to anyone who is interested in things such as time travel, quantum mechanics, or theory of relativity. However, some of the "science" is a bit too hard to understand or it doesn't make physical sense at all. If you are familiar with Einstein's relativity, then this should be easy to understand.
A clever little story, if you don't mind disregarding the rather illogical premise (e.g why isn't the air solid along with everything else?)