The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse


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The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse by Thornton W. Burgess







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The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse


(1 Review)

Book Excerpt

d hear. She heard Danny Meadow Mouse running along one of his little tunnels under the snow.

Plunge! Old Granny Fox dived right into the snow and right through into the tunnel of Danny Meadow Mouse. Her two black paws actually touched Danny's tail. He was glad then that it was no longer.

"Ha!" cried Granny Fox, "I almost got him that time!"

Then she ran ahead a little way over the snow, listening as before. Plunge! Into the snow she went again. It was lucky for him that Danny had just turned into another tunnel, for otherwise she would surely have caught him.

Granny Fox blew the snow out of her nose. "Next time I'll get him!" said she.

Now Reddy Fox is quick to learn, especially when it is a way to get something to eat. He watched Granny Fox, and when he understood what she was doing, he made up his mind to have a try himself, for he was afraid that if she caught Danny Meadow Mouse, she would think that he was not big enough to divide. Perhaps that was because Reddy is very

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(1915) Children

Plot bullets

Danny is clever, but has many things to learn.
He has many friends: Striped Chipmunk, Johnny Chuck, Old Mr. Toad, Tommy Tit the Chickadee, Peter Rabbit.
He also has his enemies: Reddy Fox, Granny Fox, Hooty the Owl, Farmer Brown and his son.
His friends, and yes, his enemies teach him how to accept who he is, never to think himself too clever and to help and trust his friends.
There are many useful things that a child can learn as they follow Danny's adventures.