The Opened Shutters

The Opened Shutters


(2 Reviews)
The Opened Shutters by Clara Louise Burnham







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The Opened Shutters


(2 Reviews)
A summer haunt on an island in Casco Bay is the background for this romance. A beautiful woman, at discord with life, is brought to realize, by her new friends, that she may open the shutters of her soul to the blessed sunlight of joy by casting aside vanity and self love. A delicately humorous work with a lofty motive underlying it all.

Book Excerpt

"I guess you don't have ladies here much," she remarked dryly.

"Oh, is it dusty?" he returned, pulling out his handkerchief with a sudden jerk and wiping the broken cane seat.

"Here's another place;" she pointed an accusing gray finger.

Dunham obediently dusted and she lowered her person gingerly upon the chair.

"Now don't you put that dirty thing back in your pocket," she said, and the young man paused midway in the act, and finally laid the handkerchief on the gray mantelpiece.

"You don't receive many ladies here, I imagine," repeated Miss Lacey, her nostrils dilating.

"No, very few," returned Dunham, flushed. "What can I do for you, madam?"

"Nothing, I guess, except dust the chair. I'm sure I'm much obliged to you for that and I'm sorry that you took your nice handkerchief. You ought to have some soft cheesecloth here."

"I'll--mention it," said Dunham. "May I ask your business?"

"No, you may not," returned Miss Martha equably. "Is Judge

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(1906) Romance (love story)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

The shutters have been closed on the old Tidal Mill, for a long time.
Alone in Boston, after the death of her father and the seeming rejection of her nearest kin, Sylvia has closed the shutters to her heart.
Letting light into the old mill will be easy . The shutters of the mind, the heart and the sole, will be the hardest to spread wide.
John works for her uncle, a judge, and is assigned to deal with the obligation.
Sylvia's Uncle Trent and her Aunt Martha offer only the basic of aid, but soon regret there coldness, which was yet another closed shutter.
A third person, a cousin, 'Think Right', by local name and reputation, steps up and takes things in hand. Sylvia's stay at the farm near the ocean and the Tidal Mill bring all the players together.
Sylvia's shutters and those of the old mill, becomes a symbol for the task ahead, for Sylvia and those around her .
Love, forgiveness and understanding, does indeed find a way, and each person, not just Sylvia, takes joy in, all: The Opened Shutters..