The Crevice

The Crevice


(4 Reviews)
The Crevice by William John Burns, Isabel Ostrander







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The Crevice


(4 Reviews)
Cleverly though the criminal may fit together his plans, he leaves always some tiny crevice which the keen detective can open wider.

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his mind. I tried to approach him concerning it, but he was evasive, and put me off, laughingly. You know that father was not the sort of man whose confidence could be forced even by those dearest to him. I had been so worried about him, though, that I had a nervous headache, and after you left, Ramon, I retired at once. An hour or two later, father had a visitor--that fact as you know, the coroner elicited from the servants, but it had, of course, no bearing on his death, since the caller was Mr. Rockamore. I heard his voice when I opened the door of my room, after ringing for my maid to get some lavender salts. I could not sleep, my headache grew worse; and while I was struggling against it, I heard Mr. Rockamore depart, and my father's voice in the hall, after the slamming of the front door, telling Wilkes to retire, that he would need him no more that night. I heard the butler's footsteps pass down the hall, and then I rose and opened my door again. I don't know why, but I felt that I wanted to speak to


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Fun procedural mystery, full of complexities and complications. A multimillionaire dies suddenly, supposedly of heart disease, and then his closest associates tell his daughter that in reality, he was bankrupt, and she is dependent on their charity. Enter Henry Blaine, the "Master Mind" detective, to untangle the plot. It's all rather unlikely, but very entertaining.
Against all odds, I LIKED this book. It\'s light-weight and knd of silly, but there\'s something about it that captured my interest.

Aside: note how the heroine built herself a nestegg. Illegal today. Then, not even considered bad form!
An ok, though as the previous reviewer said, pulpy crime story. The issue I had with the book were the number of criminals involved. Instead of adding to the mystery, that factor seemed to water it down. The detective himself was interesting.
This was fun! The "world's greatest detective" who is called (get this!) The Master Mind unravels the tricky puzzle of the death of an internationally renowned financier and saves his daughter from penury. Pulpy, but great fun. Enjoy!