The Chessmen of Mars

The Chessmen of Mars


(3 Reviews)
The Chessmen of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs









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The Chessmen of Mars


(3 Reviews)
The adventures of Princess Tara in the land of headless men, creatures with the power of detaching their beads from their bodies and replacing them at will.

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l perfection--the effortless harmony of faultless coordination. A scarf of silken gossamer crossing over one shoulder was wrapped about her body; her black hair was piled high upon her head. With a wooden stick she tapped upon the bronze disc, lightly, and presently the summons was answered by a slave girl, who entered, smiling, to be greeted similarly by her mistress.

"Are my father's guests arriving?" asked the princess.

"Yes, Tara of Helium, they come," replied the slave. "I have seen Kantos Kan, Overlord of the Navy, and Prince Soran of Ptarth, and Djor Kantos, son of Kantos Kan," she shot a roguish glance at her mistress as she mentioned Djor Kantos' name, "and--oh, there were others, many have come."

"The bath, then, Uthia," said her mistress. "And why, Uthia," she added, "do you look thus and smile when you mention the name of Djor Kantos?"

The slave girl laughed gaily. "It is so plain to all that he worships you," she replied.

"It is not plain to me," said Tara of Helium. "He is the fri

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I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book and have read some of the others in the series now which are just as good
It's a good story and well told
Snce I reread this title not long ago I will review it now.

This is one of ERB's Mars books and, in my humble opinion, one of the best in the series. ERB was at his finest here and his imagination was soaring whne he wrote this one. With the hideous Kaldanes who are basically pure brain and their Rykors who are basically beasts of burden in human form, but for the lack of heads- this book has something for everyone. A few chills and a lot of thrills. What more can you ask of any author?

Highly recommended for those who like basic entertainment!!!

If you never grew up this is one you should read.

Though the Tarzan books are better known, all of the Mars books are better written- even though the Mars he wrote about existed only in his fevered imagination.

Have fun with this one!!