The Gray Mask

The Gray Mask
A Detective Story


(3 Reviews)
The Gray Mask by Charles Wadsworth Camp







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The Gray Mask
A Detective Story


(3 Reviews)
Ingenious complications that will make the most hardened reader of detective stories sit up.

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nd that the train was not scheduled to stop before reaching the Grand Central Station.

Garth knew that, too. Therefore he could not understand why his conductor stooped and with an air of confidence opened the vestibule door and raised the trap. Garth started, for, as if the engineer were an accomplice and had received some subtle signal, the brakes commenced to grind while the train lost its speed rapidly.

The slender man grasped Garth's arm, and, as the train stopped, leapt with him to the right of way and hurried him into the shadows at the foot of the embankment. Any men the inspector might have had on the train had been outwitted.

He saw ahead the red and green lights of an open draw-bridge. He understood now, and marvelled at the simplicity of the trick. Certainly it would not have occurred to the inspector to post his men at the Harlem River where express trains were seldom detained at night. Yet it had been only necessary to send some small boat to loiter in the draw at the proper


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Some interesting detective cases, individual stories, loosely linked as if originally serialized.

Garth, a brilliant young detective, is a victim of unrequited love. The object of his affection is Nora, the chief inspector\'s daughter. Nora is an interesting, capable, and dangerous character and she has strong roles in the cases. The only downside of Nora\'s presence is that you must wade through long digressions describing how poor Garth is pining away for love and how concerned he is for Nora\'s safety.

This is a good read, but if Garth would go out and find himself a girlfriend and get on with his detecting, I could have given more than 3 stars.
Very imaginative stories, interesting and clever characters, but regrettably the plots aren't too consistent and the solutions come too easily.
There is also a questionable presentation: the typos are abundant and some of them, flagrant, so that you can't avoid thinking that the integrity of the text may be affected, that some plot's inconsistencies aren't such but there could be words, phrases and maybe whole paragraphs missing.
Nonetheless, the imagination ganes: the cases are unusual and get your attention.
The narrative style gets to you and the action is quick-paced.
So you keep reading with interest and curiosity, you get somewhat disappointed at the solution of a case but then the next one offers some surprise at the beginning and you continue reading.
Certainly, I loved another book by this author, "The Abandoned Room".