Dick and His Cat and Other Tales

Dick and His Cat and Other Tales
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Dick and His Cat and Other Tales by Unknown





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Dick and His Cat and Other Tales
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It is in the hope of encouraging that humane treatment of animals, which in the hands of a sympathetic teacher may so easily and naturally be made the first step towards the "gentleness and consideration for others," that this series has been prepared. It is hoped now that the teaching of humanity has received official recognition, that those who have charge of the young will recognize its importance, and will realise that unless the cultivation of the heart runs pari passu with that of the head, the spread of education may become a curse instead of a blessing.

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ack as fast as they were made to go.

12. The captain was full of surprise. "Are not these mice and rats a great trouble to you?" he asked the king. "Oh yes, they are indeed!" said he.

13. "They not only eat up almost all we have, but they disturb us even in our own bedrooms. We are sadly afraid that there will be a famine next year, for they are eating up all the seed and corn in the land."

14. The captain was ready to jump for joy when he heard this, for he called to mind the cat, which Dick had left in the ship.

15. As it was not far off, he bade Dick run and fetch her at once. "I think we can help you," he said to the king; but he only shook his head, for he had tried all ways to get rid of the rats and mice, without success.

* * * * *

Write: The captain sold the goods for a good price. He went to see the king of that land. He found that there were many rats and mice at the palace.

Questions: 1. What misfortune happened to the ship? 2. What sort of

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