With Links of Steel

With Links of Steel


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With Links of Steel by Nicholas Carter







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With Links of Steel


(1 Review)

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ged in discussing the audacious robbery.

Mr. Rufus Venner, it may be here stated, was a man of about forty years of age, and was a very well-known man about town. Darkly handsome, with an erect and imposing figure, an _habitué_ of the best clubs, a man still unmarried, yet of whom hints were frequently dropped that he was very popular with the fair sex, whom he was known to lavishly entertain at times--this was the senior member of the firm of Venner & Co., and the man who, quickly arose to greet Nick Carter and Chick when the two detectives entered.

"Your clerk has already given me the main facts of the case, Mr. Venner, so we will dispense with any rehearsal of them, and get right down to business," Nick crisply observed, immediately after their greeting. "There are a few questions I wish to ask you, and concise replies may expedite matters."

"I will respond as briefly as possible, Mr. Carter," Venner quickly rejoined, as they took chairs around the office table. "I do not fancy being robbed in

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This is a good pulp crime novel with action-packed plot, creative criminal enterprise, and sinister villains.

Some of the wording of the text and speech mannerisms of the characters is very unusual. I found myself wondering if maybe this book had been translated into English from another language. But if you can get around these distractions, the book is definitely worth a read for fans of the genre.
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