Nick Carter Detective Library, No. 1

Nick Carter Detective Library, No. 1
The Solution of a Remarkable Case


(1 Review)
Nick Carter Detective Library, No. 1 by Nicholas Carter







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Nick Carter Detective Library, No. 1
The Solution of a Remarkable Case


(1 Review)

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ie La Verde's house in Forty-seventh street, disguised as a plumber.

The room which she had formerly occupied was nearly in the same condition in which it had been found on the morning after the murder, and a careful search offered no immediate suggestion to the detective.

From the sleeping room, he passed to the parlor floor, where he inspected all of the window-catches and appliances, casings, and panels.

Again without result.

Presently, he approached the stairs which led from the parlor floor to that below.

The door of communication was at the foot of the stairs, and was both locked and chained on the inner, or parlorfloor side.

There was nothing faulty about either the lock, chain, or door. They were evidently perfect, and he turned his attention to the stairs.

Stair-ways are convenient arrangements through which to construct a secret passage-way, and Nick never neglected them.

Suddenly he made a discovery. The third step from the bottom was not secu

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This book centres on the mysterious murder of a dancer by a mysterious assailant who strangles her, but leaves behind no trace. Nick Carter is called in, and uncovers the gang behind the murder. It’s a good, fast-paced read, although spoilt a bit for me by the very short paragraphs (possibly a scanning problem), which don’t make for a very good flow. Still, if you can ignore that, it’s an entertaining read.
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