The Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen

The Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen


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The Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen by Mary Hartwell Catherwood





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The Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen


(1 Review)

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hen was really as large as a small cabin, rising at least seven feet from a floor which sloped down towards the water. Overhead, through an opening which admitted his body, Owen could reach a natural attic, just large enough for his bed if he contented himself with blankets. And an Irishman prided himself on being tough as any French voyageur who slept blanketed on snow in the winter wilderness.

The rock was full of pockets, enclosing pebbles and fragments. By knocking out the contents of these, Owen made cupboards for his food. As for clothes, what Mackinac-Islander of the working-class, in those days of the Fur Company's prosperity, needed more than he had on? When his clothes wore out, Owen could go to the traders' and buy more. He washed his other shirt in the lake at his feet, and hung it on the cedars to dry by his door. Warm evenings, when the sun had soaked itself in limpid ripples until its crimson spread through them afar, Owen stripped himself and went bathing, with strong snorts of enjoyment as he rose from his plunge. The narrow lake rim was littered with fragments which had once filled the cavern. Two large pieces afforded him a table and a seat for his visitors.

Owen h

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(1899) Short story / Humor (Light)

From 'Mackinac And Lake Stories', 1899.

R: (* * *

Plot bullets

An Irish Cobbler has a cabin/workshop in the area known as 'The Devil's Kitchen'.
He finds fault with his friend's dealings on matrimonial issues.
He sets out to remedy the situation with a determination and a fist.

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