The Green Mouse

The Green Mouse


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The Green Mouse by Robert W. Chambers







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The Green Mouse


(3 Reviews)
Romantic Science Fiction? Yes. Silly? Sometimes.

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you held him--he was asleep on your knee. Why didn't he stay with me?"

"Oh, perhaps because I have a way with animals."

"With horses, too," she added gayly. And the smile breaking from her violet eyes silenced him in the magic of a beauty he had never dreamed of. At first she mistook his silence for modesty; then--because even as young a maid as she is quick to divine and fine of instinct--she too fell silent and serious, the while the shuttles of her reason flew like lightning, weaving the picture of him she had conceived--a gentleman, a man of her own sort, rather splendid and wise and bewildering. The portrait completed, there was no room for the hint of presumption she had half sensed in the brown eyes' glance that had set her alert; and she looked up at him again, frankly, a trifle curiously.

"I am going to thank you once more," she said, "and ask you to put me up. There is not a flutter of fear in my pulse now."

"Are you quite sure?"


They arose; he


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(1910) Humor / Sci-fi (Match maker/Love machine) / Romance

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

Everyone knows that physic vibrations are emitted by everyone and travel around the world in bands, right?
If you don\'t, then, wise-up. A man invents a detector that will find, match and use these identifying bands, to form eventual marital unions, for those destined for each other.
Investment money is found and the Green Mouse Company, is born. The company is so named, due to a green colored mouse, used in a magic trick, that brought the first two couples together. With the aid of the machine, of course.
The investment underwriter, is a father who had four unmarried daughters at one time.
The machine makes short work of that statistic, one very funny situation and girl at a time.
Of course, it works for anyone and everyone. So, the humor continues.

A penniless, depressed kid invents a mechanism that, when activated, sets the victim/lucky dog upon an ineluctable, unavoidable path towards his or her soul mate. This is the short-’n'-sweet story of that kid meeting and marrying his soul mate; her three sisters meeting their own; and a random investor in the mechanism meeting his. Eventually the whole world is using it (or terrified of it). Except gay people, I guess.

I downloaded this bc it was classified as sci-fi. It is not sci-fi. It is not even science-y. And it is not politically correct. But it is cute and funny. If you’re a sucker for love, go ahead and read it.