Blue-Bird Weather

Blue-Bird Weather


(2 Reviews)
Blue-Bird Weather by Robert W. Chambers





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Blue-Bird Weather


(2 Reviews)
One of those delightful romances of the outdoors such as only Chambers can write. A dainty love story, transpiring at a duck shooting station on Chesapeake Bay in "blue bird weather"--one of those sudden warm spells in winter that drives the duck far out to sea.

Book Excerpt

boy, looking up.

"Oh, thank you, Jim." And, turning to his sister, who had raised her head, inquiringly, "I suppose somebody will call me at the screech of dawn, won't they?"

"Do you know the new law?" she asked.

"No. I don't like laws, anyway," he said smilingly.

She smiled, too, gathering up her papers preparatory to departure. "Nobody is allowed," she said, "to put off from shore until the sun is above the horizon line. And the wardens are very strict." Then she rose. "Will you excuse me? I have the dishes to do."

The boy laid aside his book and stood up, but his sister said:

"Stay and study, Jim. I don't need any help."

And Jim resumed his seat with heightened color. A moment later, however, he went out to the kitchen.

"Look here, Molly," he said, "wha'd' you want to give me away for? He'll think I'm a sissy, helping you do dishes and things."

"My dear, my dear!" she exclaimed contritely, "I didn't think of it. Please forgive me, Jim. Anyway,

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A happy lighthearted romance and good happy ending. I haven’t read much from Robert W. Chambers, but of what I have read so far has been excellently written, but has had weak story lines. Blue-Bird Weather is both well written and a good story, so I recommend reading.
A sentimental novelette, sweet to the verge of cloying -- the kind of reading that makes you realize that however wholesomely expressed, too much mind candy will give you stomachache of the intellect. Chambers was highly popular in his time, but this not-quite-sappy love story explains the disdain that men of letters like Christopher Morley expressed for him.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - V.R. Christensen writes classically inspired romantic historical fiction and steampunk dystopian novels of depth and sensitivity. V.R.’s historical romances have been multiple-time bestsellers and have been compared to Jane Austen and Charles Dickens (a literary lovechild, perhaps?) V.R. is half English and resides in the United States, though she spends a majority of her time immersed in late-Victorian classic literature and costume dramas.