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Iole by Robert W. Chambers





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A poet (seemingly modeled on Elbert Hubbard -- Roycroft community and all!), has just gone bust and the millionaire's mortgage man is set to throw him off his land... along with his eight children... and beautiful daughter...

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"What was I to do?" inquired Briggs, nervously worrying his short blond mustache. "When I arrived here I had made up my mind to fire the poet and arrange for the hatchery and patrol. The farther I walked through the dust of this accursed road, lugging my suit-case as you are doing now, the surer I was that I'd get rid of the poet without mercy. But----"

"Well?" inquired Wayne, astonished.

"But when I'd trudged some five miles up the stifling road I suddenly emerged into a wonderful mountain meadow. I tell you, George, it looked fresh and sweet as Heaven after that dusty, parching tramp--a mountain meadow deep with mint and juicy green grasses, and all cut up by little rushing streams as cold as ice. There were a lot of girls in pink sunbonnets picking wild strawberries in the middle distance," he added thoughtfully. "It was picturesque, wasn't it? Come, now, George, wouldn't that give you pause?--eight girls in pink pajamas----"


"And sunbonnets--a sort of dress refor

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The story of a poverty stricken poet and his eight gorgeous daughters. The poet orates on how having less is greater than having more, but reveals his true belief by trying to marry off his daughters to wealthy men. His plot fails as several of his daughters fall in love with average men.
The book is entertaining, and I’m jealous of the men these perfect women chose. The only downside was that the ending was quick and anticlimactic, almost as if the author hadn’t thought of how to end this great story and just threw an ending in there. I wish the book was longer, I would have liked to hear more about these girls.
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