No Orchids for Miss Blandish

No Orchids for Miss Blandish


(22 Reviews)
No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase







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No Orchids for Miss Blandish


(22 Reviews)
A Shocking Tale of Vile, Ruthless Gangsterism -- The Toughest Novel You'll Ever Read!

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e laid the gun on the seat beside him.

"She got the diamonds?" Riley asked.


Riley was taller and thinner than Bailey. He was five or six years younger. But for the cast in his right eye, he wouldn't have been bad looking, but the cast gave him a shifty, sly look.

Old Sam drove fast for half a mile, then coming to the farm, he slowed down, ran the car onto the grass and pulled up.

Riley said, "Get out and watch for her."

Bailey took his gun, tossed his cigarette away and got out of the car. He stood by the side of the road. In the distance, he could see the lights of the roadhouse and he could hear the faint sound of the band playing. He waited for several minutes, then he saw the headlights of an approaching car.

He ran back to the Lincoln.

"Here they come."

As he got into the car, Old Sam started the engine. A two-seater Jaguar swept past. Miss Blandish was driving. MacGowan seemed to have passed out.

"Get going," Riley said. "That


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This book isn't deep if that's what you are looking for. It is 100% plot and character but it does those two things very well. It is like watching a great tv show full of action except you are reading and not watching. It's a great book for a vacation at the cottage or beach. I liked it alot, it was captivating and I read it from start to finish in one sitting.
I'd never heard of this author before but now i know what i was missing. Pulp fiction at it's best. Bad guys with no hearts and always a bleak ending. Loved it.
An excellent read. Very entertaining. The plot is raw, the gangsters are disreputable and the author makes no attempt to put the reader at ease. Not for the faint of heart.
He is unbeatable, fast and exciting. I started reading Chase in 1968. I have a collection of 86 of his. I am still looking for the following. I am re-re-reading those.

1. Blonde’s Requiem – 1946
2. But a short time to live- 1951
3. Last page – 1946
4. Meet Helga Rolfe - 1984
5. Meet Mark Girland – 1977
6. Miss Callaghan comes to
grief – 1941
7. Never trust a woman – 1957
8. No business of mine –
9. Not safe to be free – 1958
10. Ruthless – 1955
11. The pickup- 1955
12. Three of spades- 1974
I saw it recently on Turner Movies. I started noticing how so many of the sexual taboos of the time were being tested: Violence, a VERY long kiss, blatant implied sexual innuendos. It was all over the place. I have never seen a movie, of that time, with so many taboos of the day being flaunted. Damn, it could have been a college beer drinking contest for the time.
chase always has a distinct and unique style of writing that is solely his. he is unbeatable, fast and exciting. i read chase 13 years ago, i am re-reading it again. i keep wondering, why is he not the man of the century. he has inspired people of all levels.
Brilliant piece of literature. Read it first about thirty years ago and it was still very gripping when I read it yesterday.
The story of a crime, and a good part narrated from the gangster side which is unusual, but the realism doesn't stop there. Average writing. Recommended.