Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others


(2 Reviews)
Do Unto Others by Mark Irvin Clifton





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Do Unto Others


(2 Reviews)
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.... And the natives of Capella IV, philosophers at heart, were not ones to ignore the Golden Rule....

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aluminum tube torture rack, government issue's idea of a chair. "You can have the chair," I said. "I'll sit on the edge of the bed."

"I'm sorry about the furnishings," he said apologetically as he sat down and I closed the door. "It's the best government will issue us in this hole."

"Aunt Mattie would be disappointed if it were better," I said as I sat on the edge of the bed, which was little softer than the chair. "She expects to rough it, and finds special virtue in doing her duty as uncomfortably as possible."

He looked sharply at me, but I had merely stated an accepted fact, not an opinion, and was therefore emotionless about it.

"I'm in trouble, Hap," he said desperately. He leaned forward with his clasped hands held between his knees.

"Well, old man," I answered. "You know me."

"Yes," he said. "But there isn't anybody else I can turn to."

"Then we understand each other," I agreed. He looked both resentful and puzzled.

"No, I never did understand y

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A mildly humorous story about busybodies guarding the morals of the universe who introduce the Golden Rule to an alien race (along with clothing.)

The characters are rather broadly drawn, and the story continued on after it seemed to have been resolved in order to make its point.
A salutary tale where a group of busybodies do a good deed (according to their precepts of good)for aliens, telling them to "do unto others" etc. The aliens then return the favour but they have their own concepts of good deeds. Lesson: leave well enough alone.