The Lunatic at Large

The Lunatic at Large


(4 Reviews)
The Lunatic at Large by J. Storer Clouston





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The Lunatic at Large


(4 Reviews)

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ut I'll do just as well. I suppose he's certified, and all that.'

" 'Oh, it's all right,' said the man, rather as though he expected me to say that it wasn't. He looked a little doubtful what to do, and then I heard some one inside the cab call him. He stuck his head in the window and they confabbed for a minute, and then he turned to me and said, with the most magnificent air you ever saw, like a chap buying a set of diamond studs, 'My friend here is a great personal friend of Dr Congleton, and it's a damned---- I mean it's an uncommonly delicate matter. We must see him.'

" 'Well, if you insist, I'll see if I can get him,' I said; 'but you'd better come in and wait.'

"So the Johnnie opened the door of the cab, and there was a great hauling and pushing, my friend pulling an arm from the outside, and the doctor shoving from within, and at last they fetched out their patient. He was a tall man, in a very smart-looking, long, light top-coat, and a cap with a large peak shoved over his eyes,

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(1899) Humor (Zany)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

A man wakes up in a insane asylum.
He can\'t remember much, even his name.
He was brought in the middle of the night, and it looks like there is a conspiracy going on.
The man must break out, and aided by a pretty girl, he does so. Now what? He is free, but not really free.
He takes up with a visiting German nobleman.
He is at large and no one can fail to say that he acts like a lunatic.
A lunatic he may look, but he is clever and does all he can to find out who he is and why things have turned out as the have done.

I find this story to be in the tradition of J. K. Bangs or J. K. Jerome.
Very fun story! Adventure and laughs on every page. This was the first book by Clouston I have read, and am inspired to read his others.
One of the best modern picaresque novels. The author Clouston, though obscure, is a great craftsman. Recently I read THE MAN FROM THE CLOUDS, SIMON, THE SPY IN BLACK, and all of them are great reads.
This is a very funny book. The author has a clear mastery of language that allows him to express things in a manner that is polished, elegant and sophisticated. I am looking forward to reading the next volume in the series, Count Bunker. Highly recommended.