The Spy in Black

The Spy in Black


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The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston







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The Spy in Black


(2 Reviews)
A German U-boat commander tells the story of his escapades as a spy in England. The stories appeared originally in one of the more sensational metropolitan dailies. Vivid and exciting, and very melodramatic.

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and quite exposed; ravines and dells are few and far between and farther still to reach. Caves and clefts among the rocks might be found no doubt, but I should probably break my neck looking for them in the dark. Conceive of a man with a motor-bicycle looking for a cave by starlight!

And then a heaven-sent inspiration visited me. On board we had of course maps with every house marked, however small, and who lived in it, and so on. We do things thoroughly, even though at the moment there may not be any apparent reason for some of the details. I blessed our system now, for suddenly in my mind's eye I saw a certain group of farm buildings marked "ruinous and uninhabited." And now where the devil was it?

My own pocket map of course had no such minute details and I had to work my memory hard. And then in a flash I saw the map as distinctly as if it had really been under my eye instead of safely under the Atlantic. "I have a chance still!" I said to myself.

By the light of my torch I had a car


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(1917) Espionage (WWI) / Mystery (Spy)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

A German soldier is put ashore on and English island, from a submarine, for a three day mission to gain information about British fleet movements.
The first part of the story is told from his viewpoint, as he tries to avert detection and meet up with his contact.
In the second part, the plot thickens as the master spy, his contact, executes his plot of impersonation (that of a village Vicar), and sets himself up to fulfill his part in the mission.
The soldier considers himself, as just that, a soldier on a mission, not a spy, and has issues with the cold ruthlessness of his contact.
Yes, there is a beautiful lady spy for whom he learns to care.
In the final segment, the mission falls apart. All is not as it seemed.
Is the story about the soldier who lands in the black of night clothed in a dark jumper to hide his uniform, the master spy, who is disguised in the black clothing of a Vicar, or the black deeds of the profession itself?. Who is, The Spy in Black.?