The Man from the Clouds

The Man from the Clouds


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The Man from the Clouds by J. Storer Clouston







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The Man from the Clouds


(1 Review)
"A good mystery story—'The Man from the Clouds' is a rare treat."

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grasses gave me an extraordinary sensation of pleasure. Merely to be alive and on the earth again seemed to leave nothing to wish for. Close to the wall a peewee rose suddenly from my feet and flapped off into the dusk with one melancholy cry after another. "Peewee! Peewee!" I shall never hear that sound without thinking of that lonesome misty field. I stopped and looked round me anxiously, but not a living thing besides had been disturbed, and presently I was stowing the parachute away in a bed of high rank grass and docken just under the wall.

Then I stood still and listened again. Once more a distant sea bird cried and I decided to make for the sound on the chance of finding the coast line and getting at least one bearing. I followed the line of the wall, crossed another low wall and another field of thin rough grass, and then I realised that I was almost on the brink of the sea. The wash of the swell on rocks met my ear and the dull misty green of the land faded into the misty grey of wide waters.

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(1919) Espionage / Mystery / Adventure
Plot bullets

A navel balloon goes off track and one survivor parachutes to earth.
He has landed on a small island in the North of Britain.
A very peaceful island this, but there is a feeling of something sinister.
Could there be German spies helping supply submarines from this island?
It will not be an easy task to determine the truth.

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