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Midnight by Octavus Roy Cohen







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A fully "clued" mystery featuring the energetic amateur sleuth David Carroll. A woman enters a taxicab--vanishes and in her place is found the dead body of a young society man. A real mystery novel.

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ly thing which appeared black and was not black. Spike shuddered. He had never liked the sight of blood.

The match spluttered and went out. Spike looked around. He felt hopelessly alone. Not a pedestrian; not a light. The houses, set well back from the street, were dark, forbiddingly dark.

He saw a street-car rattle past, bound on the final run of the night for the car-sheds at East End. Then he was alone again--alone and frightened.

He felt the necessity for action. He must do something--something, but what? What was there to do?

A great fear gripped him. He was with the body. The body was in his cab. He would be arrested for the murder of the man!

Of course he knew he didn't do it. The woman had committed the murder.

Spike swore. He had almost forgotten the woman. Where was she? How had she managed to leave the taxicab? When had the man, who now lay sprawled in the cab, entered it?

He had driven straight from the Union Station to the address given by the woma


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Amateur detective David Carroll is an expert at obtaining information during interrogations with his sympathetic human touch, but can be as tough as necessary with those who offer resistance. He has the full confidence of Chief of Police Leverage, who places the case under Carroll's control. Together they put the pieces together to solve a strange mystery of a murdered man in a taxi cab - which no man entered. I found the wrap-up somewhat dissapointing, but still a great read and I recommend it for crime / mystery fans.
A fast, good whodunit mystery. I did have a vague hint as to who the murderer was, but honestly it could have been any of the three different suspects. I thought I solved it when I was about 85% of the way finished, but it turns out I was wrong. Usually the obvious solution isn't the right one! 5 star book!
A veiled woman enters a taxi and asks to be taken to a distant address. The cabbie drives there directly, but when he arrives, the woman is gone and there's a dead man in the back of the cab.

Consulting detective David Carroll pursues the killer with unorthodox sensitivity in this confounding twist on the locked-room mystery.

The puzzle and pursuit are much more interesting than the ultimate conclusion -- which explains how but not exactly why the corpse wound up in the taxi -- and some of the police procedure is a little hard to believe, but overall it's an absorbing read.
A very clever mystery that keeps you guessing all the way to the end. David Carroll, famous detective, is on the trail of a clever murderer. I don't want to explain much of the plot because the action takes place right from the start and it would spoil the enjoyment of allowing the surprises to reveal themselves to the reader. It is very much worth reading. I wish Manybooks had more books by Octavus Roy Cohen. Enjoy!
Lloyd Lofthouse - Cat-and-Mouse Tension, Crackling Action, and a Touch of Forbidden Romance
FEATURED AUTHOR - Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran, who worked as a maître d’ in a 15 million dollar nightclub for a few years. He also taught English literature in the public schools for most of 30 years where he explored Romeo and Juliet with thousands of high school students.