The Players

The Players


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The Players by Everett B. Cole





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The Players


(3 Reviews)
A Playboy is someone with power, too muchtime on his hands, and too little sense of a goalworth achieving. And if the Playboy happensto belong to a highly advanced culture....

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ould be able to set up right on the island."

* * * * *

On the eastern slope of the Midra Kran, a cloud of dust paced a caravan, which wound up the trail, through a pass. The treachery of the narrow path was testified to by an occasional slither, followed by a startled curse.

Musa stood in his stirrups, looking ahead at the long trail which twisted a little farther up, then dropped to the wide Jogurthan plateau. Far ahead, over the poorly marked way, he knew, was another range, the Soruna Kran, which blocked his way to the Eastern Sea.

He looked back at the straggling caravan.

"Better get them to close up, Baro," he remarked. "We'd be in a lot of trouble if a robber band caught us scattered like this."

The other trader nodded and turned his mount. Then, he paused as shouts came from the rear of the line. Mixed with the shouting was the clatter of weapons.

"Come on," cried Musa. "It's happened."

He kicked his mount in the ribs, and swung about, starting up


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This story is a gem. It's a bit hard to figure out what's going on in the beginning, and it's done in such a way to keep reader interest high. As the reader catches on to what's happening, the story takes on new interest in a different direction. I thought the plot, the characters, and the writing were all done well - except for the ending, which was a little bit of a non event.

Undercover galactic agents attempt to discover interference with primitive civilizations.
A couple of interstellar guardians on a medieval planet suspect that a couple of members of an advanced society have infiltrated the world and are manipulating the societies as part of an elaborate game. They set out to trap the players.

An interesting, initially deceptive plot, with standard, colorless sci-fi characters.
Above average (especially for 1955). The only bone I have to pick with it is; why did they give Musa his memory back? Recommended reading.