The Best Made Plans

The Best Made Plans


(2 Reviews)
The Best Made Plans by Everett B. Cole







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The Best Made Plans


(2 Reviews)
There are some people that it is extremely unwise to cross... and the fireworks start when two such people cross each other!

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der why they have us hanging around this place anyway?"

Don grinned. "Guess somebody broke into a locker once and they want a witness next time. Got to have something for us Guardians to do, don't they?"

"Suppose so. But when you get almost through with your pre-professional ... hey, Michaels, how did you make out on the last exam? Looked to me as though Masterson threw us a few curves. Or did you get the same exam? Like that business about rehabilitation? It ain't in the book."

"Oh, that." Don shrugged. "He gave us the low-down on that during class last week. Suppose your group got the same lecture. You should've checked your notes."

Darrin shrugged and stood up. "Always somebody don't get the news," he grumbled. "This time, it's me. I was out for a few days. Oh, well. How was the Aud?"

Don spread his hands. "About like usual, I'd say. Oh, they had a run on the end of the Waern affair. Really fixed that bird for keeps. Otherwise?"

He waved his hands in a flapping mot

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This novelette seems perfectly calculated to appeal to the teenaged-boy readers of Astounding Stories in 1959. An intelligent young man with special powers practically singlehandedly foils the elaborate, long-term plot of a usurper to the planetary throne, aiding his schoolfellow, the rightful claimant. Pure space opera.
Good sci-fi adventure yarn that reminded me a little of Andre Norton's work.
Two kids in high school, one a planet native and the other a settler, get thrown together when bullies go after them. Control of the planet's capital city, and ultimately of the whole planet just sort of revolves around their friendship.
Some good descriptions of tribal policies, with a little mind-control tossed in to advance the plot, but the story is an adventure tale.
I liked that a type of weapon is described and waved around, but never gets used. Anton Chekhov wouldn't approve, but too bad, Anton.