Question of Comfort

Question of Comfort


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Question of Comfort by Les Collins





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Question of Comfort


(2 Reviews)
The Gravity Gang was a group of geniuses--devoting its brilliance to creating a realistic Solar System for Disneyland. That was the story, anyway. No one would have believed all that stuff about cops and robbers from outer space.

Book Excerpt

I said, "Fine, go ahead. About your resignations--"

Mel said something indistinguishable--I'd caught him on a bite of steak.

Hazel, belligerent, demanded: "Are you asking us to resign?"

Apparently I wasn't. So they stuck, and another crisis was met. Unfortunately, by then, I'd forgotten the shock and warning I got from the cat.

* * * * *

Things moved swiftly, more easily. The GG took over, becoming, in effect, my staff. They'd become more: five different extensions of me, each capable of acting correctly. As a team, they meshed beautifully.

Too beautifully, at one point. Dex and Hazel were seeing eye-to-eye, even in the dark, and I worried about the effect on the others. I might as well have worried about the effect of a light bulb on the sun. They married or some such, refused time off, and the GG functioned, if anything, better. It was almost indecent the way the five got along together.

A new problem arose: temperature. We weren't repr


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Nick Nielsen

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A good, but not great, story. Holds interest throughout. The ending is a little weak, with an attempt at a twist that just comes off as additional (and unnecessary) information.

Two aliens, apparently capable of shape-shifting are marooned on Earth. One is a criminal, the other is a cop. The cop must find the criminal to save Earth. He does this by building an elaborate ride at Disneyland. Um, OK, *that\'s* certainly different.
A good story that is puzzling for quite a while. The hints that get dropped make sense at the end of the story, as does the title, but until then the story is deceptive.
A man is stalking a monster whom he expects will kill him. To trap the monster, he designs a new ride at Disneyland.
See if you can figure out what's going on before the ending spills everything.