The Two Destinies

The Two Destinies


(3 Reviews)
The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins







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The Two Destinies


(3 Reviews)
An exploration of 'destined spirits' and supernatural visions, with a romantic twist.

Book Excerpt

Mr. C walked into the room--and walked in, alone.

Mr. Germaine suddenly varied his formal inquiry in receiving the new guest.

"Is your wife ill?" he asked.

Mr. C was an elderly man; Mr. C had lived (judging by appearances) in the days when the old-fashioned laws of politeness were still in force. He discovered his two married brethren in their corner, unaccompanied by their wives; and he delivered his apology for his wife with the air of a man who felt unaffectedly ashamed of it:

"Mrs. C is so sorry. She has got such a bad cold. She does so regret not being able to accompany me."

At this third apology, Mr. Germaine's indignation forced its way outward into expression in words.

"Two bad colds and one bad headache," he said, with ironical politeness. "I don't know how your wives agree, gentlemen, when they are well. But when they are ill, their unanimity is wonderful!"

The dinner was announced as that sharp saying passed his lips.

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I listened to this book on Librivox. Although I appreciate the volunteer readers and give them much credit, a couple of the readers of this book were particularly bad. Someone who cannot correctly interpret how a passage should be read and who uses strange inflection does no justice to a novel. That said, I enjoyed much this story, except for a part near the end. The protagonist has a personality change that is so unbelieveable that it somewhat ruined the entire book for me. Speaking of unbelievable, be aware that this novel uses supernatural lore to advance the story. I plan to re-read this book and hope that my own internal voice will improve it. p.s. love Wilkie Collins!
Wilkie Collins, who wrote The Woman in White and The Moonstone, certainly didn't live up to expectations with The Two Destinies. It is silly, annoying and very hard to suspend disbelief in the whole situation.
Very disappointing.
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I am a huge fan of Wilkie Collins writing. This is one of his later works and while it is a very fine example of his literary style, it is not one of his best narratives.

For my taste, rather too much supernatural nonsense propels the plot of this one.