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Armadale by Wilkie Collins







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Unusual and convoluted mystery. Viewed by the Clap-trap morality of the day, this may be a very daring book. Judged by the Christian morality which is of all time, it is simply a book daring enough to speak the truth.

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suffering from lameness; let me look at your foot."

Mr. Neal's malady, however serious it might be in his own estimation, was of no extraordinary importance in a medical point of view. He was suffering from a rheumatic affection of the ankle-joint. The necessary questions were asked and answered and the necessary baths were prescribed. In ten minutes the consultation was at an end, and the patient was waiting in significant silence for the medical adviser to take his leave.

"I cannot conceal from myself," said the doctor, rising, and hesitating a little, "that I am intruding on you. But I am compelled to beg your indulgence if I return to the subject of Mr. Armadale."

"May I ask what compels you?"

"The duty which I owe as a Christian," answered the doctor, "to a dying man."

Mr. Neal started. Those who touched his sense of religious duty touched the quickest sense in his nature.

"You have established your claim on my attention," he said, gravely. "My time is yours."


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I disagree that the genre is a detective mystery. It is certainly a mystery, but detectives are only used on two small occasions. This is not a detective mystery in the since of a a police or sleuth, as the main driving character.. It is an in depth Mystery / romance.
Plot bullets

* A man admits to murder in his dying statement and implores that his son may never meet the son of the man he killed.

* This statement, which portents shame and disgrace, is to be given to his son when he comes of age.

* Twenty years pass and the two boys unknowingly meet and become good friends.

* They are quietly but maliciously plotted against for the elder Armadale's money.

* There is deception, both good and bad.

* There is romance and hate.

Another Collins in depth study of relationships, romance, good, evil and perhaps, the wavering but inevitable, fate.
I really enjoyed the book. In the 1800 if you had money it can buy silence for any secrets. Really glad there forensic investigators now people were so deceiving back then. The way thing were described i could see them clearly in my head. At times i wanted to jump in the book and stop her of her doing, i even yelled at the book once. Didn't see the end coming i couldn't see anything thät happened coming. For the 1800 a very daring book. I must read more of this author.
I recommend a silent place in which to read, a few twists and turns and a few name changes. Really enjoyed it. Espeacially the characters. Remember quite place.