The Invader

The Invader


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The Invader by Alfred Coppel







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The Invader


(5 Reviews)
Invading Earth was going to be a cinch, the Triomed scout decided. But to make certain he must study its inhabitants—as one of them!

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If you can't guess exactly what's going on by about the halfway mark, you need to increase your caffeine intake. An interesting story because it's a little different, but there's nothing exciting going on here. The ending is, rather than a surprise, just kind of stupid.
A sentient interstellar parasite of mammals finds a planet chock-full of mammalian bipeds (guess which planet,) and infects a host to look around. However the parasite is not up on the customs Earth, and his expedition does not do well.
It's a formula story, with only one fact withheld from the reader until the end.
(1953) Sci-fi (Invasion / Alien Possession)

From 'Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy', February 1953.
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Plot bullets

An alien is the vanguard of his race.
He must find and take over one of the Earth creatures.
In the form of what the Earth creatures call a virus, that should be easy.

Coppel's short story about an alien race's plan to invade Earth is action-based and well written. Keeps you on your toes until the surprise ending. Well done.
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