The Lost Naval Papers

The Lost Naval Papers


(2 Reviews)
The Lost Naval Papers by Bennet Copplestone







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The Lost Naval Papers


(2 Reviews)
London Punch says: "Mr. Copplestone has shown unusual boldness in connecting the activities of his super-policeman, Dawson, with the more prominent events of the War. We earnestly desire that he should devote another volume a whole one to the inimitable Madame Guilbert; but whatever he writes about will be welcome, provided it be written in the vein of the volume before us."

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se things which we want Fritz to believe about the Navy. Make us out to be as rotten as you plausibly can. Give him some heavy losses to gloat over and to tempt him out of harbour. Don't overdo it, but mix up your fiction with enough facts to keep it sweet and make it sound convincing. If you do your work well--and the Naval authorities here seem to think a lot of you--Hagan will believe in your Notes, and will try to get them to his German friends at any cost or risk, which will be exactly what we want of him. Then, when he has served our purpose, he will find that we--have--no--more--use--for--him."

Dawson accompanied this slow, harmlessly sounding sentence with a grim and nasty smile. Cary, before whose eyes flashed for a moment the vision of a chill dawn, cold grey walls, and a silent firing party, shuddered. It was a dirty task to lay so subtle a trap even for a dirty Irish-American spy. His honest English soul revolted at the call upon his brains and knowledge, but common sense told him that in t

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(1918) Espionage / Adventure / Detective

R: *****

Plot bullets

An English author is documenting the British naval situation in 1916.
While his efforts are aboveboard, foreign agents want that detailed data for their own reasons.
William Dawson (a master of disguise), from Scotland Yard plans to use the author and his papers to foil the German agents.
The author and Dawson make a strange, but effective, crime fighting duo

A very enjoyable ripping yarn with a nice pace and good interplay between the principle parties. I look foward to reading other works by this author
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