Just William's Luck

Just William's Luck


(7 Reviews)
Just William's Luck by Richmal Crompton







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Just William's Luck


(7 Reviews)

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ll a--call a mincing-machine, Ex-Ex--what you said," said Douglas.

William ignored him. "Well, all the others pulled an' pulled an' pulled an' couldn't get it out."

"You said that before," said Douglas.

"The nex' time you int'rupt--" said William threateningly, then, a note of pathos invading his voice, "You asked me to tell you this story, didn't you?"

"We didn't ask you to go on and on sayin' the same thing over an' over again," said Douglas, adding, after a moment's thought, "You might as well call a coal shovel Arthur as a sword."

"The sword wasn't called Arthur," said William. "The man was called Arthur. The sword was called Excelsior."

"It must have had the same name as this other man," said Henry. "I know this other man was called Excelsior, 'cause I learnt it once. The shades of night were falling fast an- he met an awful avalanche. I forget the rest, but it was jolly excitin'"

"Gosh!" said William in despair. "Don't you want to hear this story?"

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Another of Richmal Crompton's fantastic works - a great novel. Hilarious, a very enjoyable read! Loved every bit of it.
This isn't "just William", rather its the only William novel "just William's luck". Its still a great read though, with the usual antics & escapades of William & his friends the outlaws.

I'd recommend it to anyone
1st of the series , this is a classic and needs to be in everyones classic collection. however there is an alternate version of this book with different stories going around as well which is slightly a better book , yet both are 5 star classics.
Just William was the first of about 38 books featuring the young boy William, and his gang The Outlaws, the children of the town and their parents.

Despite children being the main characters and adults being a supporting cast, the books themselves were written for an adult audience.

The humor in the series is presented in many levels. If a child reads the books they will be entertained. An adult reader will be able to grasp the adult humor. By adult humor I mean chuckles which a mature mind will readily laugh at.

For anyone who wants a laugh with class, that will stay with you for a long time, I highly recommend the William series.