The Twins of Suffering Creek

The Twins of Suffering Creek


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The Twins of Suffering Creek by Ridgwell Cullum





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The Twins of Suffering Creek


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A big story of a Montana mining camp, full of the action which is characteristic of the tense life the miners lead; yet there is the pathetic romance of Scipio and the delicious humor furnished by the twins.

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en lightening and inspiration, "maybe I could buck some wood for you before I go. You'll need a good fire to dry the kiddies by after you washened 'em. It sure wouldn't kep me long."

But the only effect of his persistent kindliness was to further exasperate his wife. Every word, every gentle intention on his part made her realize her own shortcomings more fully. In her innermost heart she knew that she had no desire to do the work; she hated it, she was lazy. She knew that he was far better than she; good, even noble, in spite of his mental powers being so lamentably at fault. All this she knew, and it weakly maddened her because she could not rise above herself and show him all the woman that was so deeply hidden under her cloak of selfishness.

Then there was that other thought, that something that was her secret. She had that instinct of good that made it a guilty secret. Yet she knew that, as the world sees things, she had as yet done no great harm.

And therein lay the mischief. Had sh

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