The Girl in the Golden Atom

The Girl in the Golden Atom


(4 Reviews)
The Girl in the Golden Atom by Raymond King Cummings







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The Girl in the Golden Atom


(4 Reviews)
A scientist of 1919 explores a microscopic world discovered within an atom of gold.

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theories. What I saw through that ultramicroscope was not an unproven theory, but a fact. My theories you have brought out by your questions."

"You are quite right," said the Doctor; "but you did mention yourself that you hoped to provide proof."

The Chemist hesitated a moment, then made his decision. "I will tell you the rest," he said.

"After the destruction of the microscope, I was quite at a loss how to proceed. I thought about the problem for many weeks. Finally I decided to work along another altogether different line--a theory about which I am surprised you have not already questioned me."

He paused, but no one spoke.

"I am hardly ready with proof to-night," he resumed after a moment. "Will you all take dinner with me here at the club one week from to-night?" He read affirmation in the glance of each.

"Good. That's settled," he said, rising. "At seven, then."

"But what was the theory you expected us to question you about?" asked the Very Young Man.


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This is an old adventure story much like told by Jules Verne. If you like that sort of stuff, you'll have a blast with this. Otherwise, it is a plot-starved, long-winded tale of another world.

The science is at about the level of a 1930's children's cartoon. Lots of problems with characterization, dialogue, etc., but not the worst story on this site by any means.
(1923) Sci-fi (Utopian) / Adventure
Plot bullets

A powerful microscope reveals a sub-atomic world inside the scratch on a wedding ring and inside a single atom of gold.
Alice could eat a piece of cake to grow by and had a drink to make her small enough to enter her wonderland.
A chemist invents a shrinking and growth pill to visit his sub-atomic wonderland.
After all, he has seen an incredible land and a beautiful girl in her world.
Adventures await the chemist and his friends as they visit that world.
Adventures await that Utopian world on the brink of upheaval.

Dated sci fi story of finding worlds in small pieces of matter like atoms. Chemist discovers way to shrink himself and others down to the size where a single gold atom is a new solar system. Entertaining story line but is wordy when he describes the society they find and other things. If it seems wordy to you I suggest skimming that chapter and go to the next one. The adventure story is very good and very entertaining. Liked it alot never read anything by this author before.