The Fire People

The Fire People


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The Fire People by Raymond King Cummings





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The Fire People


(2 Reviews)
Improbable? Yes! Interesting? Very!!

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a graduate of Vassar, and planned to take up chemistry as a profession, for she had the same scientific bent as her father and brother.

I called upon Professor Newland the evening of the day his statement was published, and found all three discussing it.

"You want me to talk for publication, don't you, Bob Trevor?" the professor asked suddenly, after we had exchanged a few pleasantries.

He was a wiry little man, about sixty, smooth-shaven, with sparse gray hair, a rugged face of strong character, and a restless air of energy about him. He was an indefatigable worker; indeed, I am confident that, for any single continuous period of work without sleep, he could have run Alan and me into the ground and still have been comparatively fresh.

"You want an exclusive follow-up story from me to-night, don't you?" he repeated.

I admitted that I did.

"What you'll get won't be just what you expect. Look at this."

He pulled one of the evening papers toward him vigorously. "T

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(1922) Sci-fi (Earth Invasion) / Adventure (Mecurian War)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

The Earth is being invaded by alien craft from Mercury. These craft seem to be testing the Earth's abilities for defense.
All initial efforts to destroy the alien vehicles, with their deadly light ray, are for nothing.
A female inhabitant of Mercury comes to Earth in a effort to foil this plot, since the ones who are behind it, are her enemies also.
If the enemy cannot be defeated on Earth, maybe they can be foiled at the source, on Mercury.
An Earth man is taken back to Mercury to see what can be done.
He teams up with another Earth man taken prisoner, and with the help of the people (the females are the better warriors since they can fly) of Mercury, fight a war against their common enemy.
Mercury is not an uninhabitable molten rock, but Earth men must work with and in some cases against the people of that planet, 'The Fire People'.