Atom Boy

Atom Boy


(2 Reviews)
Atom Boy by Raymond King Cummings





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Atom Boy


(2 Reviews)
Retired and rusticating Pete McLean, former policeman, sees something new in crime-fighting in a rural setting!

Book Excerpt

ve forgotten their guns and taken a poke at them if they'd come near Effie.

"Easy!" I warned. "Let it ride, Bert."

One of the young crooks laughed. "Grandpop's right. Safety first."

All that grandpop stuff riled me. After all, I'm not senile.

"Listen, you young squirt," I said, "I've had many a one like you sniveling in front of me with the guts scared out of him. Put away that gun and I'll take you on with my fists, man to man."

Maybe I could have done it, too, but I didn't get the chance. They kept us covered as they backed

toward their car, turned and jumped into it. Then the headlights flashed on and the car roared away, around the bend in the direction of Hewlett Corners. In a few seconds they were gone.

"Well I'll be darned," I said.

"Where's the nearest police?" Bert asked. "Let's give 'em a ring. Not Hewlett Corners?"

"No, no." Hewlett Corners had nothing. "Call Little Creek Junction."

Captain MacKenzie made the four miles in about


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Not a sci-fi story, rather, it's a pulp crime story. A big-city cop retires to Vermont and opens a gas station with his daughter, and things go swell until he gets a suspicion that a carload of city kids are planning to rob him.

The characters are generic, the description is okay, the plotting nothing special--there's no violence or gore. It won't hurt to read it, just don't expect to remember it next week.
Jurgen "jojo" Appelo - Mind-Bending Work of Visionary Sci-Fi
FEATURED AUTHOR - As an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Jurgen Appelo travels the world to share inspiring stories about people and organizations. Slightly anarchistic, autistic, and eccentric, he happily adopted the nickname “jojo” when it was given to him at the age of sixteen. He calls himself a creative networker, but sometimes he’s a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, designer, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, runner, freethinker, or … Dutch guy. He wrote several best-selling nonfiction books… Read more