The Trap

The Trap


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The Trap by Betsy Curtis





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The Trap


(2 Reviews)
She had her mind made up—the one way they'd make her young again was over her dead body!

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w cooling his number thirteens and waiting to pretend to interest me in some new face paint and hair gik. My electric eye set and vizer are less repulsive than your skunk oil and twice as effective."

"They're not going to stop me from having a good time while I last, anyhow. I think they're through with me for today; and I'm going to hear Jeery Wade, anyhow. He'll make up a hooting good song about all this when I tell him."

"Take care of yourself, Rod ... goodbye," said Miss Noble, almost concernedly.

She dropped the phone into its cradle, rose, and went back to the vizer screen, switching on the speaker as she sat down. Only then did she notice that the screen was entirely dark except for a vague sliver of gray.

"Are you still there, young man?" she asked the microphone.

There was silence from the speaker. The hammer on each bar of the long metal xylophone of the electric eye signal hung motionless.

"He's gone ... and left the front door unlatched too. And I

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In a world where everyone rejuvenates every fifty years or so, people tired of living have to be very careful in order to make it to old age.

A story that is hard to figure out for a while, everyone seems to be doing bizarre things for which the reasons don't show up until later. It seems the solution to the couple's problem would have occurred to them a hundred years before, but oh, well.
This story of rejuvenation is kind of unfocused and wavering and leaves the reader wishing the writer had been a little more straightforward in her approach. Okay, I guess, but imminently forgettable.