The Courage of Captain Plum

The Courage of Captain Plum


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The Courage of Captain Plum by James Oliver Curwood







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The Courage of Captain Plum


(1 Review)
The story of the King of Beaver Island, a Mormon colony, and his battle with Captain Plum.

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ing a leather bag in his hand. Quickly he untied the knot at its top and poured a torrent of glittering gold pieces out upon the table.

"Business--business and gold," he gurgled happily, rubbing his thin hands and twisting his fingers until they cracked. "A pretty sight, eh, Captain Plum? Now, to our account! A hundred carbines, eh? And a thousand of powder and a ton of balls. Or is it in lead? It doesn't make any difference--not a bit. It's three thousand, that's the account, eh?" He fell to counting rapidly.

For a full minute Captain Plum remained in stupefied bewilderment, silenced by the sudden and unexpected turn his adventure had taken. Fascinated, he watched the skeleton fingers as they clinked the gold pieces. What was the mysterious plot into which he had allowed himself to be drawn? Why were a hundred guns and a ton and a half of powder and balls wanted by the Mormons of Beaver Island? Instinctively he reached out and closed his hand over the counting fingers of the old man. Their eyes

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Based loosely at the time (July 1856) and within the "kingdom" of James Jesse Strang - the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - otherwise known as the Strangites.

Captain Plum has been wronged by Strang's band of pirates and so he arrives at Beaver Island with an intent to kill Strang. His intentions are played by old man Obadiah and further thwarted (at least initially) by the thought and the lilac sent of one of Strang's seven wives.

The book is somewhat mysterious for the first 30%, leaving the reader wondering much the same as Plum does as to the playings of Obadiah - but later the book blossoms into a reasonable storyline of intrigue and love - before finishing with a loose connection to the real life murder of Strang.
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