Geek Mafia: Mile Zero

Geek Mafia: Mile Zero


(10 Reviews)
Geek Mafia: Mile Zero by Rick Dakan







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Geek Mafia: Mile Zero


(10 Reviews)
Key West--originally Cayo Huesos or Isle of Bones, for centuries a refuge for pirates, wreckers, writers, scoundrels, drunks, and tourists. Now home to a Crew of techno geek con artists who've turned it into their own private hunting ground. Paul and Chloe have the run of the sun-drenched island, free to play and scam far from the enemies they left behind in Silicon Valley. But that doesn't mean they can't bring a little high tech know how to the paradise. They and their new Crew have covered the island with their own private Big Brother style network-hidden cameras, RFID sensors, and a web of informers that tip them off about every crime committed and tourist trapped on the island.But will all the gadgets and games be enough when not one but three rival crews of con artists come to hold a top-secret gang summit? And when one of them is murdered, who will solve the crime?

Book Excerpt

Paul sighed and dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. "I've only got $600 on me," he said as he leafed through the bills. "That was going to be my bribe money for the night."

"If you can spare it, it'd help. I've already doled out all my cash on hand to secure the place and get the liquor. But we still need..."

"I know, I know," said Paul, handing the money to Sandee. "Let's just try and make tonight kick ass so we can earn that back as quick as possible."

"We should be flush by dawn, my dear," Sandee assured him. "Just you wait."

"That's the plan anyway. But would you explain that to Chloe for me?"

"What is Chloe doing tonight, anyway?" Sandee asked. "I was hoping to get her to come out with me and check out the new help at the Hyatt."

"She's busy getting everything set up for our visitors. She's kind of freaking out about all the little details."

"Oh my, are they coming in tonight? I thought that was next week."


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great book, as good as the forst one but far more complicated. Plot had a great ending true to the built up personalities of the persons in both books.
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Good but not as good as the first one, which is not so much of a criticism given how much I enjoyed that. The same quirky characters return for a complex tale of double-crossing duplicity and technology.

Hope there will be more in this series.
OZMG this book is sooooo amazing i have it on my touch absolutly beautiful please write a fourth!!!!!!(to download the books you need an app called stanza. then go to feedbooks on the online catalog and look for geek mafia)
Have just downloaded this one after reading Geek Mafia - that was just brilliant...could not put it down and read it in 2 days - shame about the housework and a million other things that needed doing!
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Great story! This is part of a series, read the other one first (Geek Mafia), you'll enjoy this one more that way. Definitely recommended.

@ Rick: please, please, please, please write another one in the series! I totally love it & keep it up.
Great book, great series!
Really well, this is one of my new favorites.
If you're a geek, you'll really love this.
It drew me in and the characters doidn't let me go.
Go Rick Dakan.
One of the best new books series I have ever read. I could not put this masterpiece down. Great for nerds like me!!
If you can over look the cussing?

Good lord, man. The "cussing" is one of the elements of this book that helps legitimize the story; it's real.

By the way - fantastic book. Rick Dakan is my new favorite.
This was a really good story, if you can over look the cussing. It drew you into the story and felt like one of the characters. Hard to put down.