The Nature Faker

The Nature Faker


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The Nature Faker by Richard Harding Davis





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The Nature Faker


(1 Review)

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ed doubtfully forward, with mincing steps, he continually and mournfully wagged his head. He seemed to be saying: "This water is much too cold for me." The mamma bear was dressed in a poke bonnet and white apron, and resembled the wolf who frightened Little Red Riding-Hood, and Ikey, the baby bear, wore rakishly over one eye the pointed cap of a clown. To those who knew their vaudeville, this was indisputable evidence that Ikey would furnish the comic relief. Nor did Ikey disappoint them. He was a wayward son. When his parents were laboriously engaged in a boxing-match, or dancing to the "Merry Widow Waltz," or balancing on step-ladders, Ikey, on all fours, would scamper to the foot-lights and, leaning over, make a swift grab at the head of the first trombone. And when the Countess Zichy, apprised by the shouts of the audience of Ikey's misconduct, waved a toy whip, Ikey would gallop back to his pedestal and howl at her. To every one, except Herrick and the first trombone, this playfulness on the part of Ikey

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(1910) Humor / Satire / Short story

Plot bullets

A man decides to go back to nature in a big way.
He establishes a country home, a preserve for himself, nature and small.woodland animals.
He is very sure of his ideas and himself.
Well, that is until he decides to rehabilitate a troupe of showbiz bears, to give them the freedom he is sure they want.

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