The Amateur

The Amateur


(2 Reviews)
The Amateur by Richard Harding Davis



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The Amateur


(2 Reviews)

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nine. Once I saw a man lift his coat collar to hide his face. It was in the Grand Central Station. I stopped him, and told him he was wanted. Turned out he WAS wanted. It was Goldberg, making his getaway to Canada."

"It is a gift," said the doctor.

"No, it's a nuisance," laughed the reporter. "I see so many things I don't want to see. I see that people are wearing clothes that are not made for them. I see when women are lying to me. I can see when men are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and whether it is drink or debt or morphine--"

The doctor snorted triumphantly.

"You did not see that the widow was on the verge of a breakdown!"

"No," returned the reporter. "Is she? I'm sorry."

"If you're sorry," urged the doctor eagerly, you'll help her. She is going to London alone to find her husband. He has disappeared. She thinks that he has been murdered, or that he is lying ill in some hospital. I told her if any one could help her to find him you could. I had to say something. S

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Mystery / Detective / Short story

Plot bullets

A beautiful girl relates a sad story of a missing husband.
Having some success at observation and solving mysteries, a young reporter wants to help.
Before the adventure has ended, he is reminded of his amateur standing.