All-Wool Morrison

All-Wool Morrison


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All-Wool Morrison by Holman Day





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All-Wool Morrison


(1 Review)
All-wool Morrison is a mayor who tries to make the water power of his state and city the property of the people. A political combine plays against him, but in spite of complications he achieves his project and wins in love.

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se he wasn't notified. I understand the social end of things better than you, Daddy Mac. I think it's my duty to take in a word to him."

"Aye! Yus! Gude! And tell him the music is ready, the flowers are here, and the tea is served! Use the office for all owt but the wool business. To Auld Hornie wi' the wool business! Politeeks and socieety! Lass, are ye gone daffie wi' the rest?"

"Hush, Daddy Mac! Don't raise your voice in your temper. What if he should still be in love with Miss Lana, spite of her being away among the great folks all this long time?"

Mac Tavish was holding the paper-weights. He banged them down on his desk and shoved his nose close to hers. "Fash me nae mair wi' your silly talk o' love, in business hours! If aye he wanted her when she was here at hame and safe and sensible, the Morrison o' the Morrisons had only to reach his hand to her and say, 'Coom, lass!' But noo that she is back wi' head high and notions alaft, he'd no accept her! She's nowt but a draft signed by S

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The novel makes an interesting comment on American politics of the day. Day introduces humour, action and romance into what would otherwise have been a rather dry book and it works.
The vocabulary was interesting with some words that I had never previously encountered and a few that weren't in my very fat dictionary,
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FEATURED AUTHOR -  Adam Nicholls grew up in the southwest of England, where he studied creative writing while working a variety of full-time jobs. When his Mason Black series was first published, he quickly became a bestseller and then went on to create a name for himself in the thriller genre. Adam now lives with his wife in Bristol.