Delayed Action

Delayed Action


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Delayed Action by Charles V. De Vet







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Delayed Action


(3 Reviews)
This planet gave him the perfect chance tocommit the perfect crime—only he couldn'tremember just what it was he had committed.

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ly in robbery. Johnson could probably save himself a beating by surrendering his money without resistance. He rejected the thought. A man had to live with his pride, and his self-respect; they were more necessary than physical well-being. Setting his shoulders firmly against the wall, he waited.

The man slowed to a walk when he saw his intended victim on guard. Johnson had the chance to observe him closely. He was a short and dark man, heavy of bone, with the lower half of his face thickly bearded, and sweat making a thin glistening film on his high cheekbones.

Abruptly a voice said, "I wouldn't touch him if I were you."

Johnson followed the gaze of his near-attacker to his left where the lean man he had noted before stood with a flat blue pistol pointed in their direction. He held the pistol like a man who knew how to use it.

"A gun!" the man in the street gasped. "Are you crazy?"

"Better put it away--fast," Johnson warned his ally. "If the native police catch you with that

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(1953) Sci-fi (Alien World / Time Travel) / Mystery/Detective

From 'Galaxy Science Fiction' September 1953 .

R: ****

Plot bullets

A natural Moebius Strip, has become a tourist attraction on a planet.
The amusement can be hazardous, andmost beings cannot endure it but for a short distance/time..
Only some are aware of it's potential.
A security company has crimes to solve and they never give up, no matter how long it takes.
Is there a connection between the amusement and the unsolved crimes?

A Company security agent is chasing a thief, when he runs out onto the planet's tourist attraction: a naturally-occurring Moebius Strip. The agent follows, and, as one might expect, gets off the Strip twenty years later, with amnesia. Then the mystery begins.

A kind of a hard-boiled detective story, with a couple of double-crosses. The only thing missing is a dame. Nothing too great.