The Bars of Iron

The Bars of Iron


(3 Reviews)
The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell







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The Bars of Iron


(3 Reviews)
A dramatic love story. The hero, forced into a fight, kills his opponent. Years later, without knowing her identity, he falls in love with the man's widow, and the story is of the adjustment of their lives after discovery of the circumstances.

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ells were about as effectual as the wail of an infant. Neither animal was so much as aware of his existence in those moments of delirious warfare. They were locked already in that silent, swaying grip which every fighting dog with any knowledge of the great game seeks to establish, to break which mere humans may put forth their utmost strength in vain.

The struggle was a desperate and a bloody one, and it speedily became apparent to the rider that he would have to dismount if he intended to put an end to it.

Fiercely he flung himself off his horse and threw the reins over the Vicarage gate-post. Then, riding-crop in hand, he approached the swaying fighting animals. It was like a ghastly wrestling-match. Both were on their feet, struggling to and fro, each with jaws hard gripped upon the other's neck, each silent save for his spasmodic efforts to breathe.

"Stop it, damn you!" shouted the rider, slashing at them with the zeal of unrestrained fury. "Caesar, you infernal brute, stop it, will you? I'll ki

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This was an amazing story of love. Not sappy but sweet and passionate. I am so glad to finally read something that was romantic but not gaggy. The hero is awesome!
Loved it!! Strictly for romance readers but has depth and makes for a wonderful reading. After having read this novel, I have read all the author's works available here and loved them all. Please do add more of the author's work.
This book deals with the power of forgiveness. For those of you who've read The Keeper of the Door by the same author, look for Max who appears in a short cameo. Altogether a strong and moving story.