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Greatheart by Ethel May Dell







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There were two of them--as unlike as two men could be. Sir Eustace, big,domineering, haughty, used to sweeping all before him with the power ofhis personality.The other was Stumpy, small, insignificant, quiet, with a little limp.They clashed over the greatest question that may come to men--the loveof a girl.She took Sir Eustace just because she could not help herself--and wasswept ahead on the tide of his passion.And then, when she needed help most--on the day before thewedding--Stumpy saved her--and the quiet flame of his eyes was more thanthe brute power of his brother.How did it all come out? Did she choose wisely? Is Greatheart more to bedesired than great riches? The answer is the most vivid and charmingstory that Ethel M. Dell has written in a long time.

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minutes longer! Yvonne has been trying on my fancy dress, but she's nearly done."

The neck and shoulders below the laughing face were bare and a bare arm waved in a propitiatory fashion ere it vanished.

"Looks as if the fancy dress is a minus quantity," observed Billy to his companion with a grin. "I didn't see any of it, did you?"

Scott tried not to laugh. "Your sister?" he asked.

Billy nodded affirmation. "She ain't a bad urchin," he observed, "as sisters go. We're staying here along with the de Vignes. Ever met 'em? Lady Grace is a holy terror. Her husband is a horrible stuck-up bore of an Anglo-Indian,--thinks himself everybody, and tells the most awful howlers. Rose--that's the daughter--is by way of being very beautiful. There she goes now; see? That golden-haired girl in red! She's another of your beastly star skaters. I'll bet she'll have that big bounder cutting capers with her before the day's out."

"Think so?" said Scott.

Billy nodded again. "I suppose he's a prince at least. My

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This was a very satisfying book. There was nothing I would change. All the characters were true-to-live. It really can be described as vivid and charming. I love it. 5 stars!
This book is one of my favorite by this author. The charactors are lifelike and believable though sometimes you want to shake Dinah for failing to see what's right in front of her. A great read.
Christopher Flory - Gritty, Engrossing Mystery
FEATURED AUTHOR - Christopher (Chris) Flory was raised in Indiana and now lives in Northern Virginia. He spent ten years with various correctional departments as a probation and parole officer, specializing in the supervision of sexually based offenders and criminal street gang members. He is currently employed as a contractor for the federal government as an intelligence analyst.  As our Author of the Day, he tells us about his book, Trust Misplaced.