A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder

A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder


(3 Reviews)
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille







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A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder


(3 Reviews)
A story of strange adventure and stranger discovery in the regions of the Antarctic. What is best in the book can hardly be considered original; its fantastic unreality is all its own.

Book Excerpt

, of some vegetable substance, smooth as paper, and covered with writing.

"It looks like Egyptian papyrus," said the doctor. "That was the common paper of antiquity."

"Never mind the Egyptian papyrus," said Featherstone, in feverish curiosity. "Let's have the contents of the manuscript. You, Melick, read; you're the most energetic of the lot, and when you're tired the rest of us will take turns."

"Read? Why, it'll take a month to read all this," said Melick.

"All the better," said Featherstone; "this calm will probably last a month, and we shall have nothing to interest us."

Melick made no further objection. He was as excited as the rest, and so he began the reading of the manuscript.



My name is Adam More. I am the son of Henry More, apothecary, Keswick, Cumberland. I was mate of the ship Trevelyan (Bennet, master), which was chartered by the British Gov

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(1888) Sci-fi (Polar World) / Adventure (Survival) / Satire (Reverse Culture)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

A sealed copper cylinder is found floating in the sea. Inside it is a manuscript, written in three languages.
The document reveals a story of two men separated from their ship and lost near the South Pole.
The story unfolds as a strange inhabited land, freed from the severe perils of cold, by volcanic heat, and it's people are chronicled.
This however, is not an ideal land. The social structure of these people are completely the reverse of other world civilizations. These people disavow wealth and prestige and desire the dark times and death.
Adam Moore, who has survived his friend, has endured the incredible adventures of the people with their strange and ever threatening culture, a girl with whom he falls in love, prehistoric creatures, and a land which has become his prison. All this is written down for anyone to read in 'A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder'.

The latter chapters get very tedious with repeated and lengthy
insights into the social beliefs of the culture.
A young adventurer, after wandering the arctic ocean, reaches a land where wealth is held despicable and a public death is the greatest honor in life. A tale full of Swiftean irony, and the language is so rich and powerful that I found the book hard to put down.
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