Pharaoh's Broker

Pharaoh's Broker
Being the Very Remarkable Experiences in Another World of Isidor Werner


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Pharaoh's Broker by Ellsworth Douglass





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Pharaoh's Broker
Being the Very Remarkable Experiences in Another World of Isidor Werner


(1 Review)

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azy but characteristic attitude. It tended to make his coat pouch and his shoulders droop. I remembered having seen it somewhere before.

"Mr. Werner, I have a matter of the deepest and vastest importance to unfold to you," he began, rather mysteriously, "for which I desire five hours of your unemployed time----"

"Five hours!" I interrupted. "You do not know me! That much is hard to find without running into the middle of the night, or into the middle of the day--which is worse for a busy man. I have just five minutes to spare this afternoon, which will be quite time enough to tell me who you are and why you have sought me."

"You do not know me because you do not expect to see me on this hemisphere," he continued. "Nor did I expect to find you a potent force in the commercial world, only three years after a literary and linguistic preparation for a scholarly career. Why, the mädchens of Heidelberg have hardly had time to forget your tall, athletic figure, or ceased wondering

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(1899) Sci-fi (Trip to Mars)

R: * * *
Plot bullets

A professor creates a anti-gravity device.
He needs financial backing an approaches a stock market broker.
The deal is made and both men are off to Mars.
Mars society is much like the Earth's Egyptian era. Including a ruling class of Pharaoh.
The broker becomes important in the government.
He applies his brokerage insights to the Mars economy.
High finance is dangerous in the Martian society. Perhaps he never should have become The Pharaoh's Broker

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