The Last of the Legions

The Last of the Legions
and Other Tales of Long Ago


(4 Reviews)
The Last of the Legions by Arthur Conan Doyle







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The Last of the Legions
and Other Tales of Long Ago


(4 Reviews)
I The Last of the Legions II The Last Galley III Through the Veil IV The Coming of the Huns V The Contest VI The First Cargo VII An Iconoclast VIII Giant Maximin IX The Red Star X The Silver Mirror XI The Home-Coming XII A Point of Contact XIII The Centurion

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eye could reach. In all its vast expanse there was no break but for a single galley, which was slowly making its way from the direction of Sicily and heading for the distant harbour of Carthage.

Seen from afar it was a stately and beautiful vessel, deep red in colour, double-banked with scarlet oars, its broad, flapping sail stained with Tyrian purple, its bulwarks gleaming with brass work. A brazen, three-pronged ram projected in front, and a high golden figure of Baal, the God of the Ph[oe]nicians, children of Canaan, shone upon the after-deck. From the single high mast above the huge sail streamed the tiger-striped flag of Carthage. So, like some stately scarlet bird, with golden beak and wings of purple, she swam upon the face of the waters--a thing of might and of beauty as seen from the distant shore.

But approach and look at her now! What are these dark streaks which foul her white decks and dapple her brazen shields? Why do the long red oars move out of time, irregular, convulsive? Why a

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The story The Silver Mirror is a bit of a ghost story, but all the remaining stories are historical events, written as fiction stories, most dealing with the Roman Empire. They range from the Roman withdrawal from Christian England, the coming of the Saxons, the end of the 3rd Punic War, coming of the Huns, the brief reign of a Caesar, the indiscretion of a Byzantine queen, and so on.

The writing is good, with a nice balance of description and characterization, and the tales are interesting enough.

four and a half stars
This book is a real find.For a look
into the past, as it might have been
from a different perspective,this
book delivers.It truly comes to
life in a way the modern reader
can relate to.I was surprised at
the detail he was able to convey
in each short piece.The unique
experiment he made work well...