The Mystery of Cloomber

The Mystery of Cloomber


(6 Reviews)
The Mystery of Cloomber by Arthur Conan Doyle







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The Mystery of Cloomber


(6 Reviews)

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windows, and I bought that something might be wrong. I am very glad I did so, since it has given me the chance of making the general's acquaintance."

Whilst I was talking, I was conscious that the new tenant of Cloomber Hall was peering at me very closely through the darkness. As I concluded, he stretched out a long, tremulous arm, and turned the gig-lamp in such a way as to throw a flood of light upon my face.

"Good Heavens, McNeil!" he cried, in the same quivering voice as before, "the fellow's as brown as chocolate. He's not an Englishman. You're not an Englishman--you, sir?"

"I'm a Scotchman, born and bred," said I, with an inclination to laugh, which was only checked by my new acquaintance's obvious terror.

"A Scotchman, eh?" said he, with a sigh of relief. "It's all one nowadays. You must excuse me, Mr.--Mr. West. I'm nervous, infernally nervous. Come along, McNeil, we must be back in Wigtown in less than an hour. Good-night, gentlemen, good-night!"

The two clambered into their pl


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An avenge of three Buddhist disciples on an English General for killing a veteran Buddhist priest in a skirmish - that's the central theme of this story. The author piled up mediocre accounts around the dull main theme and
turned it into a novel, a typical stratagem practised by novice writers, surprisingly found here with a fabulous writer like Doyle. In fact, it would be a short story if the unnecessary dull accounts are trimmed off. Chapter VIII would bore you to the death for being written in an unintelligible English of an illiterate scotch.
No head-spinning MATERIALISTIC mystery i.e. detective type mystery will you find here . Being an occult story, you can comfortably guess what is going to happen next.
Better read a Sherlock Holmes story than this typical 95% predictable story. Don't get mislead by the generous 5 star ratings by some readers here, either this was 1st occult story ever in their life or they are biased for who
has the guts to underrate a story of Sir A. C. Doyle?!
This book is amazing. I hadn't read any of the Doyle's works beyond Sherlock Holmes, but I thought I'd try this and (un)surprisingly it turned out excellent. I am downloading his other books now, apart from holmes stories.
I liked it, but I admit to being a great fan of Conan Doyle. The book is SO typical of Doyle. It has all the flavor of a Holmes puzzler without Holmes. This one has a supernatural feel. Of course, it is over the top, but still wonderful. Enjoy!
A British general, late of India, moves with his family to a desolate house outside a remote village in Scotland, builds a fortress-like fence around it and leads a reclusive life, nerve-wracked and fearful. Odd sounds are heard in his vicinity. What is he afraid of?

The story, told by a neighbor, unfolds slowly and somewhat tediously. Arthur Conan Doyle was a believer in spiritualism and odyllic forces, and this tale seems designed to document manifestation of occult power.

I did not enjoy it as much as the previous reviewers -- the sluggish pacing seemed frustrating, and many of the characters insipid.
I agree totally with the prior review. This is an excellent tale full of mystery, suspense, and the supernatural, written by an eminent author. The descriptions of the characters, their surroundings, and the inexplicable phenomena which pursue them, rivet the reader to the last page.
Suspenseful supernatural mystery that does not feature Sherlock Holmes. Centers around a mysterious reclusive family that moves into a remote village. Their tale reaches from the shores of Ireland to the mountains of Afghanistan. Very gothic, and very enjoyable.
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