The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone

The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone


(2 Reviews)
The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone by Arthur Conan Doyle







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The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone


(2 Reviews)

Book Excerpt

n the others! Now, Count, you are a card-player. When the other fellow has all the trumps, it saves time to throw down your hand."

"What has all this talk to do with the jewel of which you spoke?"

"Gently, Count. Restrain that eager mind! Let me get to the points in my own humdrum fashion. I have all this against you; but, above all, I have a clear case against both you and your fighting bully in the case of the Crown diamond."


"I have the cabman who took you to Whitehall and the cabman who brought you away. I have the commissionaire who saw you near the case. I have Ikey Sanders, who refused to cut it up for you. Ikey has peached, and the game is up."

The veins stood out on the Count's forehead. His dark, hairy hands were clenched in a convulsion of restrained emotion. He tried to speak, but the words would not shape themselves.

"That's the hand I play from," said Holmes. "I put it all upon the table. But one card is missing. It's the king of diamonds. I do

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(1921) Mystery (Detective) / Short story (magazine)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

Sherlock Holmes must find a valuable stolen yellow jewel, Mazarin Stone.
He employs some old tricks to overcome a mew foe.
This time it is not Colonel Sebastian Moran with his air rifle, but Count Sylvius with his.
Once again we have the fake likeness in the window.
Once again we have the closed room with Victrola playing violin music as a ruse.
Will these ploys, be able to find the jewel and once again save Holmes life.

Originally published Strand Magazine London, October 1921; Hearst's International Magazine, New York, November 1921.