Uniform of a Man

Uniform of a Man


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Uniform of a Man by Dave Dryfoos







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Uniform of a Man


(1 Review)
After rescue, revenge was uppermost in Chet Barfield's mind; the hideous, bestial Agvars had to be taught a lesson they'd never forget. His rescuers seemed to disagree, however—until Chet learned his lesson too!

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hen he heard human voices he could only yell incoherently once or twice, sob, and pass out.

* * * * *

Dimly through succeeding days Chet was aware of the ship's sickbay, of the enlisted attendants, the hovering doctor, the silent commander. Later he realized he'd been kept under opiates so his body could recover while his mind rested. At the time, he felt only the dimness.

It wore off abruptly. He was in a civilized cot, stretching luxuriously, aware of warmth and comfort and a cheerful voice that seemed familiar.

He opened his eyes. A fat young corpsman had been watching.

"How do you feel, sir?" the boy said. "Ready for coffee?"

"Sure," Chet answered. And grinned lazily as he sat up to sip the proffered cup. "You've taken good care of me."

"Used to be a barber in civilian life," the boy said smugly. And Chet found with an exploratory hand that he'd been shaven and shorn, bathed, bandaged where necessary--even, he saw, clad in a pair of fancy red broadcloth paj

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Captured by natives after a shipwreck, Chet, the only survivor, is kept chained and is beaten bloody for three years before a rescue ship from Earth can arrive. Chet recommends wiping out the natives, his rescuers have other plans.

While I applaud the attitude of the crew, the method they use, and Chet's sudden conversion didn't seem realistic.
Dan Grant - A Science/medical Thriller that Reveals a Radical Breakthrough
FEATURED AUTHOR - Dan loves intriguing tales that weave science, medicine, history, or technology into the fabric of the drama. The Singularity Witness follows that style and includes a creative backdrop. He's also a licensed professional engineer with masters’ in education and English with an emphasis in creative writing. His engineering endeavors have provided unique opportunities to work with a variety medical and technological applications, and get behind the scenes at military facilities. Those experiences… Read more